Training Catalog

Our flexibility allows us to adapt ourselves to your organisation.

Modules are delivered at the client’s convenience, either in the classroom at our approved training facilities (C) or online via Teams, Zoom, Go To, etc. (OL), or at home on your site (OS).

General module training:

Audit, non-compliance and corrective action, module for the attention of department heads, C / OL / OS,

Policy, process and procedure, how to formalize them, C / OL / OS,

Incident and dysfunction, analysis, recommendation and remedial action, C / OL / OS,

Meeting holding, preparation, structure, convening, holding, decision and minutes, C / OL / OS,

Qualification file, content, organization, C / OL / OS,

Incident report, accident report related to SMS, C / OL / OS,

Sustainable development, rules, objective, certification, C / OL / OS

We have several training modules specific to aeronautics, example below:

EASA Form One and other release certificates, C / OL / OS,

Reception, inspection, compliance and storage of equipment, parts and tools – module customized to your stock management tool – please contact us for training customization, OS only,

Part 145 regulations, personalized modules according to positions and functions, C / OL / OS,

Safety Management System, customized modules according to positions and functions, C / OL / OS,

Awareness of complacency, C / OL / OS,

Human factor in maintenance, C / OL / OS,

IS-BAH, the fundamentals. C / OL / OS. Available end of 2020.

Some of the modules can be exported to other activities, contact us for personalized training.