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Quality Management System (QMS), ISO 9001 based, EASA Part 145, Part M, etc.

To support you in your Quality approach, we conduct a personal interview with your manager with the aim of fully understanding the needs and motivation of the company’s Quality approach.

Following the interview, we carry out an inventory of the existing situation, an audit that will allow us to assess the amount of work to be managed and the time required to build your quality management system.

An action plan will be defined jointly with the dedicated project manager consultant to best lead your project to completion.

Today most contractors require ISO certification, a guarantee of a QMS in place and regularly assessed, but above all a commercial advantage.

However, you can easily opt for an ISO-based quality management system, without aiming for certification.

Certain sectors of activity are regulated by the authorities, here too we can assist you in your project to obtain approval.

Compliance audit, operational audit:

You need an outside eye to assess your QMS, your regulatory compliance, your suppliers and subcontractors, our auditors are there for you and to perform these audits. A contact person will be dedicated to you in order to establish the scope of the audit in relation to your benchmarks, the plan and execution of the audit and a detailed report will be given to you at the conclusion of the audit.

Safety Management System (SMS): SMS in the aeronautical environment (Part 145), IS-BAH (GHSP):

Security is a new focused work for many companies, both non-security and non-quality generate significant costs and impact the smooth running of businesses. As for the QMS above, we dedicate an SMS specialist to your project. Our experience in SMS related to aeronautical maintenance (Part 145) is a major asset at your service for the implementation of the future EASA regulations.

We are accredited by IBAC to support you in setting up your IS-BAH accreditation for your GHSP / FBO activities, as well as to provide stage I and II accreditation audits. Here again our experience is an asset to help you understand the future EASA GHSP regulation and its implementation.


We have in our team an expert investigator that can work on specific cases of incidents or accidents requiring an external vision in order to determine the causes of these and support you with other parties. (insurance, authority, financial partner, client …). A confidential report is submitted at the conclusion of the investigation. Please contact us to get specific support to your need by indicating « Investigation » in the subject of your request.